The Value of a Term Sheet

Many businesses, small and large, retain attorneys to draft transaction documents and simply let them have at it. This is especially the case if there is a pressured timeline. What many business leaders forget, however, is that bare-bone, “high-level” agreements amongst themselves are not always sufficient to reach execution of the intended transaction. So when…

Go Online Series: The Mechanics of Taking a Business Online

Although it houses thriving economics and high Internet connectivity, the GCC’s e-commerce culture is still in its infancy stages. And while both experts and users can attribute this slow progress to many factors, this article is purely concerned with the mechanics of taking a GCC business online, whether to directly sell or to present. The article is the first of a series that will be concerned with how a business may successfully establish an online presence that adds to its bottom line.

استعمال البريد الالكتروني بمهنية في الاعمال الصغيرة

أضحى البريد الالكتروني أداة تواصل مهمة في عصرنا، فهو فوري ومرن يمكن تحميله بالمرفقات من ملفات الكترونية بكافة أنواعها. كما يكن ارسال المواعيد وجدولة الاجتماعات عبره وارسال الروابط الالكترونية التي يريد المرسل توجيه المستقبل إليها. وكما أن من أهم مميزات البريد الالكتروني هي عدم وجوب الرد الفوري، على عكس المكالمات الهاتفية. كل ذلك وأن تكاليف البريدالالكتروني هي من أقل تكاليف التواصل. ولكن استعمال البريد الالكتروني في العمل المهني له ضوابط تحكمه، ومخالفتها ينعكس سلبيا على الشركة وعلى الريادي، خصوصا في التعاملات مع الزبائن والشركات الكبيرة. كما أن استعمال البريد الالكتروني وفق الضوابط المهنية يعكس صورة احترافية على المنشأة. ويتناول هذا المقال بعض من ضوابط استعمال البريد الالكتروني وكيفية تطبيقها في الاعمال الصغيرة.

Managing Commodity Prices

The GCC’s industrial sector makes up a substantial portion of domestic production, well above half to be more precise. Chief amongst the industrial sector are manufacturing businesses, which come in various sizes. A manufacturing business’s model revolves around the output of products from an input of materials. In many circumstances, such materials used in manufacturing input are commodities, such as aluminum, copper, petrochemicals, and sugar, to name a few. The price movements of these materials, consequently, have a large impact on the cost of goods produced.

Company of the Month: InnoCentive

This company connects businesses looking for innovation in any field with innovators and technical problem solvers around the world, with result based fees. In essence, it is a tool for producers to outsource research and development on an ‘as needed’ basis, which makes it perfect for SMEs, who’s R&D needs usually do not justify maintaining…

Finding a Manufacturer for your Products

For most businesses, bridging the gap between innovation and sales (i.e. design and manufacturing) is a significant component of what they do. Some large companies may even view manufacturing as the “core” of the business. Manufacturing, however, is not an easy feat; it is capital intensive and requires significant experience and knowledge. It spans sourcing input, process management, machinery management, maintenance, quality control, and much more. Mastering the manufacturing of the products to be sold is a key to success, but for many small and midsize businesses and entrepreneurs, resources are best allocated elsewhere on the product cycle (either due to scarcity or value generation), such as research and development, innovation, design, or marketing and sale. Significant capital can be saved after all by not having a manufacturing facility with staff, machines, warehouse, etc. That is why many small and innovative companies look to outsource the manufacturing of their products to a specialized manufacturer. This article discusses how to find a manufacturer for your products.