Often Missed -But Important- Presentation Tips

Less Common Presentation Tips

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is very likely that at some point you will be faced with giving a presentation to market your company’s products or services. Or you may need to make presentations regularly to your lenders or partners, or to your staff to train them. Regardless of the cause, bad presentations can be remarkably painful to both yourself and the audience.

How To Series: How to Be A Customer-Based Company

For the survival of any company, it is imperative to be able to attract and retain customers or clients. Every business is aware of this requirement, and yet we often and very regularly encounter bad service from the businesses that we deal with. Good customer service is not easy to achieve, but perfecting it definitely gives any business a competitive advantage over the other players in the market.

How To Series: How to Grow Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you may have put a lot of time, effort and resources into gathering information, doing research, finding start-up financing, and due diligence; all to get your business off the ground. Hopefully this all paid off and your business has picked up momentum – but now what? You may feel like expansion seems like the natural next step for your company’s pace of growth, or simply that expansion is the direction you would like to steer your company towards next.

How To Series: How to Hire

As your business grows from being a one-man show to a fully functional company, one of the biggest challenges you may face is recruiting manpower. For the vast majority of businesses, its people are its most valuable asset. So how do you go about assembling a team that will best materialize the visions you have for the future of your small business?

Confidentiality Agreements in Small Businesses

More often than not, a successful business starts with a good idea, and thrives on innovation, creativity, and originality. Unfortunately for those of you with great business ideas, not all organizations depend on their own ingenuity, and will exploit any opportunity to use information not legally protected for their own gain. Much of the time however, protecting the interests of your business in this regard is as simple as making sufficient use of legally binding contracts, such as confidentiality agreements.

How To Series: How to Get Financed (Part I)

As an entrepreneur with a good business idea or a small business owner looking to expand, one of the main issues you are highly likely to face is how to finance your idea or business. The good news is that there are usually several options open to you if you know where to look, so it is usually a matter of finding out which suits your needs best, and how to become eligible to obtain such funding.

How To Series: How to Train Your Employees

It comes as no surprise that the success of a business lies on the abilities of its employees. A crucial step towards that is training newly hired employees. In most types of companies, people are the most valuable asset. Often a lot of time and effort will go in to the recruiting and interview process in order to pick out the most suitable talent for the job; but unfortunately the investment in people sometimes ends there.

How To Series: How to Negotiate Effectively

It is often said that good negotiators are born with the talent, that they take risks and trust their instincts. Those notions are the first mistakes to conducting an effective negotiation. Good negotiators are made through many hours of practice, they take only calculated risks, and always come to a negotiation well prepared. The last thing you want is to walk away knowing that money has been left on the table, as they say; or that you have settled for too little or for terms that are worse off than your original situation; or even to walk away when making a deal is still possible.

The Rise of Female Entrepreneurship

With growth of small businesses globally and the significant rise of self-employment in recent years, entrepreneurship has not only become a widespread phenomenon, but in many markets has become the norm. There is an expectation of the young and upcoming generations to conduct business and develop our markets with a fresh focus, and it’s no surprise that women around the world are rising to the call and claiming their piece of the pie.