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All Inventors: we will file your patent application with the...
25 Jul 2017
The latest article by our Samy Elsheikh on seed funding ...
09 Jul 2017
Good read on the effect of multiple SAFEs on the cap table. ...
08 Jul 2017
The simple guide the to the Seed Round by our Samy Elsheikh ...
28 Jun 2017
تفكير متقدم من البنك المركزي ...
26 Jun 2017
Great survey on the state of e-commerce in Saudi, and the ...
26 Jun 2017
An introduction to the Seed Round
24 May 2017
Contracting with Influencers – Part 1 of 2
21 Apr 2017
7 Considerations For Programmers for Self-Driving Cars
21 Sep 2016
The Acquisition Due Diligence
15 Aug 2016
The Value of a Term Sheet
08 Jul 2016
How to Set Valuations for KSA and UAE LLCs
29 Feb 2016


  • Contract

    Rental contract in Arabic

    This gives you a simple template to follow when producing a rental contract

  • Checklist

    Forming a company in Saudi Arabia

    SAGIA requirements checklist for individual establishment formation in Saudi Arabia