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The balance between legal and PR crisis management is always...
14 Apr 2017
Excited for the Step Conference Dubai 2017
04 Apr 2017
Congrats @souq Trade Sale Exit: Amazon to acquire Middle ...
23 Mar 2017
Excited for today's Musharaka event @910ths. Hope to see you...
07 Mar 2017
7 Considerations For Programmers for Self-Driving Cars
21 Sep 2016
The Acquisition Due Diligence
15 Aug 2016
The Value of a Term Sheet
08 Jul 2016
How to Set Valuations for KSA and UAE LLCs
29 Feb 2016
The Pillars of Governance Entrepreneurs Should Consider
28 Jan 2016
Often Missed -But Important- Presentation Tips
13 Oct 2012
مواكبة متغيرات وتطورات السوق ...
19 Apr 2012
Go Online Series: The Mechanics of Taking a Business Online
19 Apr 2012


  • Contract

    Rental contract in Arabic

    This gives you a simple template to follow when producing a rental contract

  • Checklist

    Forming a company in Saudi Arabia

    SAGIA requirements checklist for individual establishment formation in Saudi Arabia