The first step to starting a business or entering into a new transaction is determining the appropriate structure. SME Law provides entrepreneur and venture capital tailored structuring advisory services to help arrive at the right business and holding structure that provides for sustainability and cost efficiency.

Once a structure is determined, SME Law executes on the structure by forming the mandated legal entities, from SPVs, to limited liability companies and joint stock companies. Our formation team is efficient, quick, and provides a full service so that the client may focus on its business rather than on admin tasks. Our formation services are also transparently priced in a manner that provides ease-of-mind to budget-sensitive SMEs.

Formation is only the first step in setting up a business. Once a company is formed, it will need to open files at and obtain licenses from various government authorities applicable to its line of business. SME Law carries out this work efficiently; it advises the company on the files and licenses it needs to carryout its scope of activities, and opens or obtain such files and licenses for the client to it to carryout work without entangling its management team in tedious regulatory work.

A well governed business is a lasting business. Once the SME is growing, it will need enable its decision makers, while making them accountable to the shareholders and management team. SME Law, in collaboration with client management, will create the distribution and review of authority and control matrix within the business in a manner that facilitates running the business with the appropriate management oversight and shareholder control.

The result of undertaking corporate governance work is producing a governance manual for the business that sets out the various signature and spending authorities across the entire organization, and the work policies the Company would like its employees to follow.

Whether it’s an angel or venture capital investment into an SME, or strategic corporate acquisition, or the merger of two SMEs, our M&A team brings unmatched experience to regional businesses, resulting in efficient, highly informed, and deal-appropriate proficiency in helping our clients graduate to the next phase. We manage the full spectrum of M&A activities, from structuring, to legal due diligence, transaction documentation, and completion.

Our team also brings a significant level of experience in structuring and forming joint ventures between two businesses to carry out a specific activity. Be it incorporated or un-incorporated joint ventures, we help venturing clients structure, document, and negotiate joint ventures with an eye towards sustainable long-term success through effectively addressing business risk points.

One of our main strengths is our highly experienced Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) team, who are helping tech companies better navigate the legal landscape with confidence. Whether it is e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, or telecom service providers, or services websites, SME Law brings a wealth of experience in advising ICT companies on regulatory, contracting, and intellectual property protection matters.

Our services include trademark and patent protection, licensing, regulatory advisory, and development contract.

Commerce makes the GCC. Whether its agency, distribution, or franchise, our team stands ready to provide tailored commercial contracting solutions to our clients.

We also bring a wealth of contracting experience in aid of both employers and contractors that allows us to offer a market-driven view onto construction and development contracts, translating into realistic and executable contracts that provide for project completion in the GCC construction environment.

From project finance, to working capital loans, construction loans, letters of credit, and revolver facilities, our banking and finance team helps our clients review and negotiate the debt agreements that allows them to continue growing their companies.

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