Managing Commodity Prices

The GCC’s industrial sector makes up a substantial portion of domestic production, well above half to be more precise. Chief amongst the industrial sector are manufacturing businesses, which come in various sizes. A manufacturing business’s model revolves around the output of products from an input of materials. In many circumstances, such materials used in manufacturing input are commodities, such as aluminum, copper, petrochemicals, and sugar, to name a few. The price movements of these materials, consequently, have a large impact on the cost of goods produced.

عقود الوكالات

نعيش اليوم في عصر العولمة حيث أصبحت معظم المنتجات والأطعمة العالمية في متناول الجميع، فلا داعي للسفر خارج بلدك أو حتى مدينتك لشراء حذاء إيطالي، أو أكل السوشي، كل ما عليك هو الذهاب إلى أقرب مجمع تجاري وستجد ما تريد. كل ذلك بات ممكناً من خلال استقطاب التجار ورواد الأعمال المحليين للشركات الأجنبية ومنتجاتها وتوفيرها للمستهلك المحلي، بحيث يتم تعيين التاجر المحلي كوكيل إمتيازي للشركة الأجنبية. وهناك طريقتان للعمل بهذا النوع من الوكالات:

How To Series: How to Grow Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you may have put a lot of time, effort and resources into gathering information, doing research, finding start-up financing, and due diligence; all to get your business off the ground. Hopefully this all paid off and your business has picked up momentum – but now what? You may feel like expansion seems like the natural next step for your company’s pace of growth, or simply that expansion is the direction you would like to steer your company towards next.