The Liquidation Preference

The Liquidation Preference term is frequently used in fund-raising rounds. It is a major economic term to be negotiated in the term sheet between the founders and the investors, and is arguable the preference of the preferred shares. Definition of Liquidation: A liquidation is the procedure according to which a company dissolve its business. Prior…

An introduction to the Seed Round

During the past three years, the economic cycle of the region, coupled with the influx of western-educated college graduates returning to the gulf, spurred an enormous level of attention to startups and technology, and spurred a venture focus that was hardly seen before. Young and capable entrepreneurs (commonly referred to as “Founder(s)”) and seasoned venture…

Often Missed -But Important- Presentation Tips

Less Common Presentation Tips

As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is very likely that at some point you will be faced with giving a presentation to market your company’s products or services. Or you may need to make presentations regularly to your lenders or partners, or to your staff to train them. Regardless of the cause, bad presentations can be remarkably painful to both yourself and the audience.