Finding a Manufacturer for your Products

For most businesses, bridging the gap between innovation and sales (i.e. design and manufacturing) is a significant component of what they do. Some large companies may even view manufacturing as the “core” of the business. Manufacturing, however, is not an easy feat; it is capital intensive and requires significant experience and knowledge. It spans sourcing input, process management, machinery management, maintenance, quality control, and much more. Mastering the manufacturing of the products to be sold is a key to success, but for many small and midsize businesses and entrepreneurs, resources are best allocated elsewhere on the product cycle (either due to scarcity or value generation), such as research and development, innovation, design, or marketing and sale. Significant capital can be saved after all by not having a manufacturing facility with staff, machines, warehouse, etc. That is why many small and innovative companies look to outsource the manufacturing of their products to a specialized manufacturer. This article discusses how to find a manufacturer for your products.